SMME application guide

Please note that this is our current interpretation of what documents are required in the application for Covid-19 lock-down relief funding from government.


  • This is our interpretation and we urge you to apply your mind to this and improve on what we are stating where you can.
  • This applies to your business and not personal information. There will be overlap in certain instances (home offices for example), but please approach this from a business perspective.
  • The government relief that you are applying for is in the form of a soft loan that will have to be paid back. It is not a grant.
  • Please read the information below carefully.
  • You should have received an sms from the DSBD with a registration reference number. Please make a note of this as you will need it for the application.


  • Proof that business is negatively affected

Our notes: We are not sure what proof is required. At this stage, with so many uncertainties, we recommend that you provide a statement detailing how your operations are/will be impacted, for example: Shop is closed due to the lockdown, which means that there is absolutely no income from trade. Our direct sales to customers are our only source of income and we therefore expect to incur massive losses in this lockdown period as we are still liable for fixed overhead costs. We anticipate that the impact will continue passed the date of the lifting of the lockdown, as our clients have indicated they will likely have reduced buying power due to the negative impact of the lockdown on their cash flows. Please customize this for your own business and circumstances.

  • Company statutory documents

Our notes: This will be your company CIPC registration certificate which you should have on file.If you don't have it, a copy can be obtained from CIPC site at the cost of R30. Our clients must please contact us, as we will probably have copies of your CIPC documents.

  • FICA documents

Our notes: Standard FICA documents for proof of company address such as a municipal account. If the premises is in the name of a director, then proof of residence in the directors name must be supplied. 

Certified ID copies of directors

Our notes: You will need a very clear black and white copies of all the directors ID documents. These will need to be certified - it can be done at a police station, your bank or any other available commissioner of oats.  Our company clients must please contact us in this regard.

  • 3 months bank statement


  • Latest annual financial statements or latest management accounts (not older than 3 months)

Your accountant should be able to supplies these on request. Our company clients can contact Lea in this regard. She will send you a list of required information. We are working under sever time constraints, so please send these documents through as soon as you can after receiving her request email.

  • Business profile

Our notes: This is an overview of your company and should include the products and service you offer. From the context of the question that should suffice, but you are welcome to include more details in terms of your business plan, mission, vision etc.

  • 6 months cash flow projections –where applicable

Our notes: Base this on prior cash flows and adapt it to adjust it for the anticipated reduce income and possible additional expenses. We recommend taking the initial lock-down period into consideration as well as a reduced trade period afterwards, to cater for an adjustment period where trade gradually starts to normalize. Our clients: Lea will assist you with this if you ask and will request the necessary information from you to fill in all the gaps where the information at our disposal is insufficient.

  • For rental/company bond relief – copy of lease agreement or proof of ownership

Our notes: The lease agreement is self-explanatory. If you your business owns premises, but it is bonded an annual bond statement from the bank will likely suffice.

  • Payroll relief. Details of employees as registered with UIF including banking details

Our notes: We are not sure if this can be claimed in additional to or instead of the various possible claims through UIF. It might be that this can be claimed for the portion of shortfall in UIF payment as UIF only pays a portion of the monthly salaries. We will seek clarity on this and advise you accordingly.

  • Facility statement of other funders

Our notes: This (we think) applies if you are receiving funding from other sources such as government funding through SEFA or NEF and likely the Covid-19 solidarity fund or the Rupert/Oppenheimer/Motsepe private Covid 19 funds for businesses (the latter will only apply later, but you should probably state if you have applied for any of these when submitting the forms, at the risk of being called out on this later if you do receive such funds).

  • Detailed breakdown of application for funds.

Our notes: This will require details of those overhead expenses that will continue, but which you are unable to pay due to lock-down related cash-flow constraints, such as rent expenses, municipal rates and taxes, insurance etc. Please look carefully at all your monthly debit orders and give items and amounts for each. The total of these amounts will be the amount that you are seeking relief for. As stated above, the relief will be in the form of a soft loan that will have to be paid back over a prescribed period (it look like 6 months at the moment).