Kironia Eco-Alternative Lifestyle Podcast

Episode 1: Introduction to Kironia Eco-Alternative Lifestyle Podcast – 9 June 2017

Kironia Eco-Alternative Lifestyle Podcast, helping you explore Eco-lifestyle choices for a happier, healthier lifestyle and environment.
Explain the choice of name for this podcast.
– The Eco referring to the home/family/community/homestead, the scientific usage in ecology and ecosystems and the use by the green/environmental movement to denote conservation.
– Alternative indicates disillusionment with what mainstream society offers and a desire to explore alternatives.
– Lifestyle is the choices we make to try and live the way we need, want and deserve for our own happiness and for the environment we live in.

Indicating the target audience, those that …
– seek lifestyle choices that encourages self-reliance and self sufficiency. Building resilience into our lives.
– want to understand cause and effect of our lives, society and the systems in society from enviro perspective. Understanding helps informed decision making.
– seek to address practical problems in everyday life from a self-sufficiency, self reliance and conservation perspective.
– aim to optimize productivity and functionality of ecosystems they are custodians of. Food production, habitat creation to mix of both.
– seek environmental perspective on how to make a real difference.

A brief background on me, Morné Brits, the reasons I’m doing what I’m doing.

The format of the KEAL podcast (the details yet to be determined) and some of the topics that could be included:
– Self sufficiency and self reliance (urban and rural).
– Modern homesteading and homesteading techniques in SA.
– Land management for productivity and the environment.
– Entrepreneurial opportunities in making Eco-lifestyle choices possible
– Practical and applied ecology for your environment.
– Conservation philosophy.
– Environmental practices and law in SA.
Community and networking built around the KEAL podcast.

Kironia products and services – a brief introduction
Basic contact information and where to reach me.
Website (,
Facebook (
The Farmers Crafters Market @ the Art Farm (every Saturday 9 to 3).

The way forward; asking you, the audience, to help steer the KEAL podcast.

Intro/outro music: Nature Boy Revisited, by Harpo (downloaded from

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