Please note that we are trying to keep our fees reasonable and affordable. This has become very difficult due new tax legislation, the burden placed on us by far reaching SARS operational changes and requirements as well as unnecessary administrative burdens placed on us by clients NOT supplying accurate, timeous and complete tax return documentation. We retain the right to adjust the fees up or down at our discretion, depending on the work burden involved with the filing of a return, which we will assess on a case-by-case basis.

Tax return ITR12Includes basic return + ONE additional item from the list below The basic tax return filing includes Communication regarding SARS auto-assessments, provided you choose to reject it And verification of contact details and bank accountincome tax certificates IRP5’s/IT3(a)’smedical aid certificatesinterest from bank accounts Declaration of tax free incomeClaims against charitable donations madeR620
Attend to review/auditShould your return be selected for reviewR520
Attend to Notice of objectionShould we agree that the review/audit outcome was unreasonable,  we will attend to the notice of objection (NOO)R520
Processing of investment income certificatesPrice charged is for the first FOUR IT3(b) or IT3(c) certificates from investment houses (excludes standard bank accounts which is covered under the basic return fee). The processing of additional certificates will be charged out at R50 per certificate.R100
Rental incomePrice per rental property and includes the capturing of rental expensesR150
Travel claims (travel allowance or use of company car)The price is for accurately completed logbooks as per our guidelines. Should we have to correct or request a correction to a logbook received, we maintain the right to charge extra for this service.R150
Additional medical expense claimsOut-of-pocket claims. Capturing and processing of receipts, invoices and statements.R150
Home office expensesProcessing of home office expenses for salary earnersR150
Capital Gains declaration – selling of fixed assets.Processing and declaration of capital gains from the selling of fixed property, i.e. primary residence and other fixed property.R100
Sole proprietorsIncludes basic capturing of income expenses for small enterprises without a large number of transactions. We request that larger enterprises operating as sole props contact us, so that we can talk about monthly processing and other compliance aspects.R1,700
Commission earners (code 3606 on IRP5)Capturing and processing of expenses claims. Discount will be considered for commission earners capturing their own expenses.R1,500
Independent contractors (code 3616 on IRP5)Capturing and processing of expenses claims. Discount will be considered for independent contractors capturing their own expenses.R1,500