Kironia is an alternate spelling for the botanical Latin Chironia, the genus name for certain wetland plant species found in the Highveld Grasslands of South Africa. In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur and renowned as a tutor.

Pallet Wall
Vertical gardening to optimize space planting space in small gardens, using recycled wooden pallets.

I started Kironia as a platform to develop and promote my life philosophy around environmentalism. We, as a society, and me, as an individual, have access to certain knowledge and skill sets that I believe should be used for better long term outcomes for the environment and society. This can be done through new innovation or simply by adopting the innovation of other creative thought leaders. There is no environmental or societal spin-off in merely collecting and then hording information. We have a collective responsibility to use and disseminate information through teaching, writing and product innovation. This obligation informs my decisions and is shaping Kironia.

Kironia is diversifying into several fields, including:

  • Specialist ecological consulting, including EIA’s, ecological management, vegetation surveys and related aspects (Kironia Environmental).
  • Kironia Habitat Gardens – products and services to improve the ecology and management of smaller properties.
  • Kironia Agric – Products and services to farmers and smallholders.

Morné Brits, founder of Kironia























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