2021 Personal Tax Help Page

We are making this site available as a help page for the 2021 personal tax filing season. It will haveĀ  all our personal tax forms for completion, pertinent informationĀ  and guides to various aspects of personal tax filing.

The South African tax legislation and its interpretation is complex. We do not intend this website to give comprehensive tax advice, but rather provide information as a introductory guide to some of the more common tax questions and problems we, and our clients, deal with. There are many sources of additional information online - please make use of these or contact us for more information.

Should something be unclear or if you want additional information, please email me at morne@kironia.co.za or call at 011 435-2435.

Tax filing season 2021:

1 July to 23 November 2021

SARS cracking the whip

Legislation promulgated in 2021 makes it a criminal offense to provide incorrect information on your tax return submission. This not only pertains to misstatement of income and expenses, but also providing incorrect personal details, such as telephone numbers and addresses.No distinction is made between intentional misstatements (fraud or tax evasion) and unintentional misstatements (misunderstandings or just absent mindedness). Clearly we do not have enough prisons to deal with everyone that will fall into this trap, but it behooves us to be pedantic in gathering tax submission information from you, as it behooves you to provide accurate and complete information to us.


The 2020 auto-assessment process worked as follows:
  • auto-assessment notices sent via SMS and eFiling and draft auto-assessments posted on eFiling (August 2020), with the option to accept or reject draft auto-assessments.
  • February-April 2021 - if draft auto-assessments were not accepted or rejected by this time, SARS automatically accepted the draft auto-assessments on behalf of taxpayers.
The 2021 SARS auto-assessment started with a hiccup. Estimated auto-assessments were automatically filed by SARS for some of our clients. This appears to have been an error in their eFiling system. We anticipate that the rest of the 2021 auto-assessment process will run similar to the 2020 process.


Should you want to accept the results of your auto-assessment, you will have to register your own eFiling profile (see our guide here) and choose the accept option. From a legal and administrative perspective we can no longer accept auto-assessments on your behalf, but we will be more than happy to file your return as usual, with our stops and balances in place, at our regular rates.